Thursday, November 29, 2007


This title will indicate something clever, interesting or funny that Cole has said. You will want to read these.

Cole is in first grade. He likes girls. Thank heavens. Cole has beautiful, little first grade girls in his class, but his favorite is Joy. Joy is a gorgeous Asian beauty. One Sunday, as we sat down in Sacrament Meeting, Cole whispers to me, "Mom, Joy does not speak Spanish." I respond, "I know." Cole concludes, "She speaks crayon." I react, "I think you mean Korean." He retorts, "No, mom, she speaks crayon."

The next day he proceeds to ask Joy if she does, indeed, speak crayon (he is so proud of her, by the way, for speaking crayon). Joy articulates that she speaks Korean. Cole comes home and tells me that I was right. He is funny, isn't he.