Sunday, February 24, 2008

Around the Table

When I was a wee girl we sat around the table for dinner, nearly every night. My goal was to eat as fast as humanly possible and run! Little did I know how enjoyable those dinners around the table could be! Last night we had salmon. Grilled salmon with an orange-garlic-cayenne marinade. It was accompanied by sweet corn and sticky white rice...and Crystal Light lemonade. We sat around the table as a family of five. Spontaneous singing by Quin...telling us he LOVED that song. Plate cleaning by Cole (not to mention helping his brothers clean theirs too!) and Ewan draping his fork with his napkin then saying, "Ta Dah!" I love to sit around the table with my husband and kids at dinnertime. I hate to say, that it doesn't happen often enough, but last night's experience has reminded me about the sanctity of family dinner. I guess, it has to be on the weekends only (Tim's job poses a dilemma: kids are starving by 5:30/6 and Tim is coming in the door at 6:30/7), anyways, I have a renewed conviction and I look forward to many future dinners....around the table. Tell me about your dinnertime.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Cheers To Dad

I gave the RS lesson Sunday on "God the Eternal Father." I went to Kinko's and had some black and white prints made from these two photos of my dear-old-dad. I talked about how I hope that our Heavenly Father shares some of my dad's characteristics. I hope that He is patient and quiet and compassionate and devoted and tall and if he has the same cool hair, that would be great too. I couldn't help but tear up thinking about my dad and the great leaps he has made in his life and how I have been able to experience those changes first hand. He is such an admirable person. I truly adore him as my daddy-o.

A Great Weekend

Saturdays Disneyland trip was so fun. Thank you, Tim (and his wonderful friends at Disney), for arranging that Valentine adventure for us! We LOVE you so much! The drive from our house to Disney has been cut from 45 minutes (Carlsbad to Anaheim) to 28 minutes (Torrance to Anaheim). I LOVE Disney and can't help but be excited about that small miracle!

Friday, February 15, 2008


Valentine's Day has come and gone. It was a great love day. I felt loved. I gave loves. It was lovely. I awoke to Tim's annual love letter (my favorite thing in the world) propped up on a professional straightening iron (which he begged my stylist to get from the beauty supply....thank you so much for doing that Peggy, you're the best!)

I braved the See's Candy store and got Tim his fave (1/2 lb box of Scotchmallow-which will take him till next February to finish-he's not a candy fiend like me.) I also knit him the turquoise wig that he had been admiring on flickr. Who knows why he wants stuff like this, but it's funny for me and entertaining. I packaged it beautifully in cellophane with a red satin ribbon and a tag that said, "I love you "WIG" all my heart! I can't "DISGUISE" it!" He loves it and here are the pics to prove it! Ha! Go ahead, have yourself a good giggle.

As for the little loves, I try to do something from the heart for them too. Plus a PEZ and some See's. Take a look and then read on!

I try to write these sweet little poems on V-day for each of my boys. I include things about each of them that I happen to adore at the time. They are a little silly, but I treasure them and I think it's a great way to remember the little things that are so special about them. Here they are:

Valentine’s Day 2008

Dear Quin,
What do I LOVE about you at age seven?
You’re sweet as pure sugar, sent straight down from heaven.
I love that you’re super-dee-duper-dee-smart!
I love your compassion, you always do your part.
I love that you’re great at each sport that you try,
I love how you’re sensitive, handsome and shy.
I love that you part your hair on the right side,
I love your good handwriting, I can tell how hard you’ve tried.
What do I LOVE about you, my sweet Quin?
Mostly your hugs and your kisses and grin.
I hope that you know what I’m trying to say,
You’re my sweetest of sweethearts this Valentine’s Day!

Dear Cole,
What do I LOVE about you at age six?
I love all your “banging” and giggles and tricks.
I love that you still want to sleep in my bed,
How you still “dig” your hands under arms, back or head.
I love how you help Lou, with whatever he needs
From sippy’s to shoe ties, with lightening-Cole-speed!
I love that you’re noisy and rowdy and glad
I love your “I love you’s,” and hugs when I’m sad,
I love you, my Coley, you’re my ray of sun.
Thank you for making my life so much fun.
On this Valentine’s Day, I want to you know,
My love for you, Dewey, can’t help but grow!

Dear Ewan,
What do I LOVE about you at age three?
I love that you answer to Lou or monkey.
I love that you dress up, twice every day.
And you smoosh up your words, in most things you say.
I love your “I wuv oooo’s” and your “tao mao” too
Our secret code language, for just me and you.
I love all your drawings of aliens from space
With big head and arm, growing out of his face!
I love that you insist on shoes and a coat.
And now for an end to this Valentine note.
I want you know that you make my life grand.
With your voice and your smile and a hold of your hand.

Mas Amor

Making Valentines, Cole decided to "Jenga" the mini cereals that he chose to give to friends for V-day. They kept toppling over onto Ewan and then all of us would crack up. Belly laugh. When was the last time you had a good, hard belly laugh?

February: A Month of LOVE

Saturday at the beach. Found a blue balloon. What joy! What bliss! The balloon is chasing Monkey! I LOVE that.

75 degrees again. Let me tell you, I LOVE California. Look at that gorgeous sunset. I took this amazing photo while hopping into the truck after a few wonderful hours playing with Tim and the boys at the beach, just down the street from our house. A straight shot. Drive one and a half miles west and here you are. (Big sigh)

I Scream, You Scream...

We all scream for ICE CREAM! During the week, my boys earn marbles. Mostly for good school work (specifically good handwriting), but also for random chores or good choices. At the end of the week (Friday) they get a special surprise. Last week it was 2 scoops at Baskin Robbins. They were thrilled with that one.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sweet Dreams

I caught a very sweet little sight the other night. Quin fell asleep reading The Friend and I just thought it was so precious. I couldn't help but share it with my readers! I LOVE when stuff like this happens.

Rock and Roll at the Roxy

A night at the Roxy with The Indio Bait. Loud and full of people, waiting for their socks to be rocked.

A couple of blurry shots, my camera isn't the best in the dark club, but I like them anyways! And here they are!

Jodi and I at Mel's Diner on Sunset for the After Party. Thank you Jodi for coming, it was so fun to be with you!

Recipe for a Great Saturday

This is my recipe for a great Saturday. Two (or more) kids basketball games to attend/coach, gatorade, snack and a smile.