Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I plan my days. Sometimes to the minute. So, when days like today happen, I get the harsh reminder that life is unexpected. I must say that I face these happenings head on with a calmness that always seems to surprise me in retrospect. Today's plan was kids to school, Ewan to play date, sewing project, Target, nap, kid pick up, birthday party, dinner, sleep. Everything went pretty much as planned through nap. After lying down with Ewan for about 30 minutes, the phone rang and I was surprised to hear the school secretary telling me that Cole got a cut on his foot on the playground and I needed to come pick him up. They don't call for minor scratches. Ugh. Poor Coley looked so sad when I came in, lying down in the nurse's office, tear streaked cheeks, blood stained pant leg rolled, foot bandaged up. I signed him out, called for Quin too and piggy backed him to the car. Cell phone. Pediatrician. They don't do stitches. Urgent care. The urgent care was wonderful. No wait. $15 copay. Nice doctor. Cole was so brave, only crying once when the doctor had to shoot his foot full of "sleeping" medicine. As far as I can tell, he got 10 stitches. Unexpected.

Pretty Things

Every so often I get to help a friend with something pretty. It is a nice feeling to make some thing aesthetically pleasing. This time it was a pretty little centerpiece for an intimate luncheon...beach theme. I did pincushion flowers floating in square bowls with tan stones, surrounded by shells and sea stars. For the favor/dessert, I made 100 delicious cookies that resembled sand dollars (from the new Martha Stewart Cookie Book!) Sand Tarts on page 127. The bride's new last name starts with "R" and their wedding date, of course to finish it off.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Save A Opossum

Saturday was save a opossum day. Not really. It just so happened, at six a.m., Duke alerted me of a visitor in our back yard. It was a baby opossum and it was not playing opossum. It was just moving a bit and I thought, "Maybe it will go away if we leave it alone, or it's mommy opossum with come and put it back in her cozy pouch." So, Duke and I went on a long walk at the beach, leisurly hit a few garage sales and came back home to find...the baby opossum still there. It had curled up in a little ball and was still alive. Ugh. What to do? I filled a shallow lid with some water and gave it to him. He was very thirsty. Then, I looked online and found the Southbay Wildlife Rehabilitation phone number and called them. They called back and gave me the numbers for the O.S.U.S. (Opossum Society of the United States) Can you believe there is a Opossum Society? Shocking. I called the number and got a hold of Toni, who asked me some questions then came over, carrying a cat crate with some nice comfy material inside. We went outside and showed her our new little pet and she picked him up with her hands (bare hands) and checked him out. He had been bit by something and needed some care. She took him home. As I proudly watched her pull her car away from the curb, I notice her license plate says: possm(heart)r. Ha. Opossum lover.

A Few Good Friends

When Ewan is with his friends he is genuinely happy. Take a life lesson from him. I know I do.


Our Primary went to Torrance Fire Day. The boys had so much fun checking out the fire trucks and gear, spraying the hose and watching the firefighters put out a car fire. Very cool!

Another Wonderful Kind of Day

How did I end up with such a wonderful circle of friends? As if my little party in Torrance wasn't grand enough, my Carlsbad book club friends treated me to dinner at Bistro West. I enjoyed Margherita pizza, very sweet and thoughtful birthday presents and free creme brulee. It does not get better than that. Thank you to all who came. I miss you all more than you know.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Suds & A Thank You

I've been informed, by my 6 and 7 year olds, that I have the "suds." Apparently, this means a pretty crappy cold in Spongebob language. They outlined my symptoms...sneezing pink bubbles, post nasal drip, random cough, pain in the neck (aka, sore throat) and a constant headache. That's me all right. Ugh. I am however, catching up on sleep, knitting and all the shows on my Tivo. There is a sunshine in this cave!

While I'm here, I'd like to say Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. It is a thankless job most days of the week and I just want to say "thank you" to all you women who are doing it. Thank you for doing your best to raise stalwart youth, good citizens, responsible adults...thank you. Also, "thank you" to my dear old mom, who made me the way I am today, or at least the way I strive to be every day...thankful for the little things, of service to all around me, patient, loving and kind. I love my mom, thank you mom.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Happy Kind of Day

Yesterday was a great day. It was my 29th birthday. Let me tell you how it went. I woke up early (always a good thing) and baked two of the three birthday cakes I decided to make. First a pillowy Chocolate Tiramisu and then a gooey German Chocolate cake.

Then we hopped in the truck for some errands. First we stopped at the Starbucks and John and Jeneane (my brother and sister-in-law who are visiting) bought me my nice! (BTW, I get a short chai latte, nonfat, with whip)

We made it to the market and ate some fresh crepes (mine had egg and goat cheese, basil and spinach...yum!), grabbed a few samples of fruits and veg and purchased what we needed. (Let me tell you that the season is great for fresh fruits and vegetables in California! Cherries are out! Enjoy them while they last...kinda like life, right...isn't there a saying that goes something like that? Bowl of cherries? Ha)

We shopped Trader Joe's, came home and made cake numero tres (Swedish Birthday Cake). Thank you so much to Cia for sharing this recipe, one birthday wish granted! So nice!

We ate delicious bean burritos (from Jr. yum!) and drove down to the beach for a snooze. The sun was shining, the sand was warm, parking was great, not many people were out, I brought a good book and a big water. Pure happiness.

Then back home for hair straightening, makeup, vacuuming, food prep, candle lighting and guests. The party ensued. People came, music was played, laughs were had, food was eaten, gifts were opened (so unnecessary and yet, so appreciated!) A good night's sleep and that was it. Let me also say that I had many dear friends call and wish me a happy day. I am so lucky to have good friends, a great family, and a generally wonderful life. Such a happy, happy kind of day.