Friday, June 27, 2008

New Cub

I am the Den Leader for troops 964 and 254 in the Pacificia District here in Los Angeles. It is a busy job, but very rewarding...especially now that my little 8 year old, Quin, is a full-fledged cub scout! This was last night's Raingutter much fun!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Keep It Coming

Quin's actual birthday was Sunday. We ROCKED on Thursday. Friday, we DISNEY-ED. Quin got to pick all the rides and had us criss-crossing the park and getting a great workout in the 100 degree Anaheim heat. It was a very fun day. Thanks to Quin for a great ride lineup.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Are You Ready To Rock?

Quin's birthday party was rockin'! He really loved every thing we did and kept telling me afterwards and the next day, "That was a really great birthday party, mom." Doesn't that just make it all worthwhile! We had 10 of the 12 kids show up and after 3 hours I felt like time had flown too quickly and wanted it to be longer (that doesn't seem right!)

A lot of help from Ewan with the welcoming sign and balloons.

Cool electric guitar balloon. Last minute find at Party America.

Get your backstage pass from the security guard (Coley) on your way in!

Let the gaming begin! The kids started with MarioCart on Wii.

Then changed over to Rockband on 360...Quin is LOVING this part!!

The cake...amazing...ordered from King's Hawaiian Bakery here in Torrance.

While not playing video games...what to about make your own ROCK t-shirt?! Black, white, red, or grey and a handmade stencil(by me!), some fabric paint, ta-da!

Parting gifts were these sweet blow-up guitars with PopROCKS and your ROCK shirt too!

Thanks, Mom, that party ROCKED!

Monday, June 16, 2008


This is for Susan...the only person I would probably do this sort of thing for....

6 Random Things about ME.

1. I love the really strong, pure smells. Let me offer some examples: rubbing alcohol, gasoline, bleach, fingernail polish remover and hair color/perm solution. I don't pretend to know the meaning behind this, but I assume that it must have something to do with growing up as the daughter of a hair dresser. What do you think?

2. I don't get sick from too much sugar. If I didn't think that I would blow up like a huge, fat balloon, I would eat an entire cheesecake...or a whole box of chocolate...or a whole carton of ice cream...whatever. I love sugar and it loves me too. We are best friends. But, admittedly, I have to stay away from my dear friend sugar because she likes to take up residence on my back side...and thighs...and belly....

3. Don't judge, but I really LOVE the feeling of a good sunburn. The weird skin tightening and hot/cold burn....ahhh. I DO NOT try to get sunburned...anymore...I admit that in my teenage-dom I did pursue the perfect sunburn.

4. I really like Julia Roberts movies. Most all of them actually...and I own a lot of them. I don't know why...she has big lips....I have big lips...I feel a connection...

5. I never use an alarm clock. Never have really. I seriously just tell myself what time I need to wake up and I will do it. Strange phenomenon. Also I wake up at the same time every day...the time does depend on the season...later in the winter and earlier in the summer. Right now the time is 5:29 a.m.

6. Six...I have six scars on my body. One: forehead (stitches...running with shirt pulled over head). Two: right eyelid (or eye shield as Cole would older brother hit me in the eye with a vacuum cleaner hose...stitches). Three: left knee (surgery in 1995 for torn ACL, meniscus and other yucky cartilage sort of injury). Four, Five, and Six: lower abdomen (three wonderful little boys, just leaving their mark on mommy's body as they entered this world in an unconventional sort of way).

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rock and Roll Birthday Party

Quin's 8th birthday party is coming up and he will be having a Rockband extravaganza! Two and a half hours of cheesy pizza, fizzy orange sodas, gooey birthday cake, loud rock music and a house full of 8 year old boys....what have I got myself into? He helped me pick the invite's design...I think they turned out great.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


I hosted a VT brunch meeting this morning with my Supervisors and the RS President. What's on the menu? Baked ham omlet, Apricot Cherry tart, fresh cut watermelon, juice and Ileen brought rolls. It was lovely and I feel good about the progress we made on improving our ward's VT program.

Stay-At-Home Mom

This was my latest lot of product to be taken down to Encinitas and sold to Dreamy. 15 lavender sachet packs (3 per pack), 4 baby beanies, 6 baby beachies and 2 sets of knit booties. This was by far the largest lot of product that I have sold at one time and I was on a business high for the night. It is very fulfilling to have a lucrative little side business as a stay-at-home mommy. In the background, the huge vase with crepe paper flowers was a centerpiece that I made for a ward activity. Aren't they great? (thanks Martha, once again!)

Cabrena, Cabrena

Cabrena came for California sunshine, cool ocean breezes, Friday night BBQ's, Farmer's markets, Santa Monica shopping and, of course...Pinkberry.