Saturday, February 21, 2009

Goodbye Blogger

After a long while of feeling unfulfilled with my blog host, I will be trying out a new one. Please visit me elsewhere and enjoy a little change in scenery.

a day in my life

Love you all, see you soon.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

All Aboard!

Another successful Redondo 1st Ward Activity! We hosted a "Loveboat Cruise" for our activity last Saturday night. Preparations involved giant porthole painting and scanning hundreds of stock photos for 'old school' cruise photos for advertising. We had tasty appetizers of vegetable platter/ranch, hummus/pita and chip/salsa/guacamole. The food was "international," ranging from spicy enchaladas to cheesy lasagnas and creamy stroganoffs. Salads, warm fresh bread and punch were served as well. Our new Bishopric put together a great video to honor the previous Bishopric, we had a karaoke contest and limbo and there was also a Valentine decorating table. The soundtrack included The Banana Boat Song (think Beetlejuice 'Deo'), The Girl from Ipanema, Copa Cabana, Loveboat theme and more! If you are looking for a very fun activity, I highly recommend this. Resort attire required!!! (Check out my lovely "leisure suit" or is it a prison jumper? HA!)

Hollywood Glam!

Last Thursday night in the pouring rain, my friend, Melissa and I found our way up to Beverly Hills. We arrived at the *GORGEOUS* SLS Hotel on La Cienega. It was an event hosted by "Hostess with the Mostess." We had delicious hors 'd vours of fine cheese, delicate meats and crackers, fizzy drinks (non-alcoholic for us), and ended with a creamy white chocolate hot cocoa. We mingled, and photo booth-ed and listened to demos on party planning and drink mixing (not so useful for our kind!). We left with a posh black goodie bag in hand (with a beautiful raspberry OPI and a thick-bottomed votive holder). We visited the little girl's room on the way out (AHHHHH! It was completely walled with mirrors). We came out to rain and valet and a kind gentleman shielding us with an umbrella. It was such a lovely night. Thanks to Melissa for coming with me! She's up for almost anything!!!

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

The last week of January, we held our Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. It was a fantastic event, filled with fast cars and fabulous food. The boys all did a great job shaping and painting their cars. Quin made his a sharp shark mouth and sleek silver paint job. It wasn't the fastest in the group, but it did win best paint job! We served warm, buttery popcorn to all spectators and cotton candy to all "winners" at the end of the night. Thanks to all who helped make this derby the best in a long time!!