Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sharing and a Novel

The sickness has spread like peanut butter on toast! Quin decided he would generously share with his little brothers. I can't be mad, right? Sharing is good and all. I did my best to Clorox and sanitize, but they are just too close to each other, not to share germs. That said, I have not been out and about and I have been caring for kids day and night. It is exhausting and I have not done a lot of projects. Here is one small thing I did do for my friend Mandy, whose children "shared" with her too. Mom's can't be sick...we don't get sick leave. I quickly stitched up a little tissue holder from some Amy Butler fabric, stuffed it with menthol scented Puffs, added some Ricola and Traditional Medicinals Nighty Night, bagged it, tagged it and done! She LOVED it, making every stitch a happy one.

I can't say that ALL I've been doing has been for the kiddos. I did pick up February's Book Club read (already finished with January, The Red Tent) The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillipa Gregory. I find it pairs well with Light Hot Cocoa in my favorite green cup. It is a tale of English court scandal and the cup is just "goblet" enough to accompany this well-written, encapsulating (and it must be said, quite sexual) novel.

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sara said...

i was looking at this last night and Emma commented how pretty your pictures are...i agree...i love the cocoa mug...sorry about the sickness