Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sweet Sandwich

Most of my days are spent with Ewan. Can I just tell you how lovely that is? Let me say that, while I love all of my children...he is simply irresistible. If you have met him, you would know. He is funny and cute and witty and smart and happy and loving and the list is endless. Today, he was adamant that we have a sandwich. We drove to Subway (4 point veggie sub for me, pure heaven in a Weight Watchers kind of world) and he downed his turkey/provolone/mustard on wheat, crunched his Cheetos (with skateboarding cheetah on front of package...that seemed to make them oh-so-much better), and washed it down with a 100% juice box. He was the happiest kid. I must say that the simple joy of Ewan's "special" lunch was the most satisfying thing I experienced today. There were many things to choose from, things in which I could be equally satisfied:

1. All three boys went to the dentist today for cleaning and check-up; NO CAVITIES!!! That is such a pat on the back as a parent...a parent, who seems to be constantly bellowing down the hall, "Brush your teeth!"

2. Pinkberry (with Ewan dancing on the bench...fantastically funny)

3. Shopping trip to TJ Maxx & Target

4. My first successful den meeting (only 4 boys showed up, but we made Chinese paper lanterns and talked about traditions of Chinese New Year and the Chinese Zodiac, wrapped it up with home made orange cookies to sweeten the deal!)

5. Basketball with the ladies...over an hour of it (sweet passes, a couple of great spin moves, one block and one three...nothing to complain about there!)

And yet, the sandwich, at the Subway, with the skatboarding cheetah tops the list. Funny. Funny, sweet, irresistible little boy.


sara said...

i am with Ewan...the appearance of something can make it so much better...he is so cute, just like yer other boys!

Anonymous said...

I too love a shopping trip to T.J. Maxx and can't get any better than that! Your boys are cute!