Friday, February 15, 2008


Valentine's Day has come and gone. It was a great love day. I felt loved. I gave loves. It was lovely. I awoke to Tim's annual love letter (my favorite thing in the world) propped up on a professional straightening iron (which he begged my stylist to get from the beauty supply....thank you so much for doing that Peggy, you're the best!)

I braved the See's Candy store and got Tim his fave (1/2 lb box of Scotchmallow-which will take him till next February to finish-he's not a candy fiend like me.) I also knit him the turquoise wig that he had been admiring on flickr. Who knows why he wants stuff like this, but it's funny for me and entertaining. I packaged it beautifully in cellophane with a red satin ribbon and a tag that said, "I love you "WIG" all my heart! I can't "DISGUISE" it!" He loves it and here are the pics to prove it! Ha! Go ahead, have yourself a good giggle.

As for the little loves, I try to do something from the heart for them too. Plus a PEZ and some See's. Take a look and then read on!

I try to write these sweet little poems on V-day for each of my boys. I include things about each of them that I happen to adore at the time. They are a little silly, but I treasure them and I think it's a great way to remember the little things that are so special about them. Here they are:

Valentine’s Day 2008

Dear Quin,
What do I LOVE about you at age seven?
You’re sweet as pure sugar, sent straight down from heaven.
I love that you’re super-dee-duper-dee-smart!
I love your compassion, you always do your part.
I love that you’re great at each sport that you try,
I love how you’re sensitive, handsome and shy.
I love that you part your hair on the right side,
I love your good handwriting, I can tell how hard you’ve tried.
What do I LOVE about you, my sweet Quin?
Mostly your hugs and your kisses and grin.
I hope that you know what I’m trying to say,
You’re my sweetest of sweethearts this Valentine’s Day!

Dear Cole,
What do I LOVE about you at age six?
I love all your “banging” and giggles and tricks.
I love that you still want to sleep in my bed,
How you still “dig” your hands under arms, back or head.
I love how you help Lou, with whatever he needs
From sippy’s to shoe ties, with lightening-Cole-speed!
I love that you’re noisy and rowdy and glad
I love your “I love you’s,” and hugs when I’m sad,
I love you, my Coley, you’re my ray of sun.
Thank you for making my life so much fun.
On this Valentine’s Day, I want to you know,
My love for you, Dewey, can’t help but grow!

Dear Ewan,
What do I LOVE about you at age three?
I love that you answer to Lou or monkey.
I love that you dress up, twice every day.
And you smoosh up your words, in most things you say.
I love your “I wuv oooo’s” and your “tao mao” too
Our secret code language, for just me and you.
I love all your drawings of aliens from space
With big head and arm, growing out of his face!
I love that you insist on shoes and a coat.
And now for an end to this Valentine note.
I want you know that you make my life grand.
With your voice and your smile and a hold of your hand.


Lori said...

Very sweet. What a poet you are. And that hat is a crack up!!! Did he wear it to work?????

Erin said...

Love the blue hat, so funny! What sweet poems for your boys and such a good idea.

The Kaltenbachs said...

You are such a great mom, and wife for that matter. Love the poem sweet. Your boys are so lucky to have you! Scotch mallows are my favorite Sees too, good taste Tim ; )

Nikki said...

What great poems! I love that you included their ages! What a great memory for them when they get older! Very fun! And Tim with his new beanie....what a crack up!

sara said...

i love scotchmallows too, but i would eat them all in a day...and the poems are genius!!!