Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Last Day at Disney

Thursday was our last day to visit Disneyland over Spring Break and Tim took off work to go with us. Yeehaw! The park was very busy and my back was killing me....but, there was still fun to be had! We rode the Monorail into the park and tried to get on Autopia, but they closed the ride while we were in we raced to the Matterhorn.

Ewan is terrified of the rides, but he forgets that fact and wants to go on them, then snuggles up against your chest with eyes clamped tight! He exits the ride saying, "Too scary!" I try to warn him. Ha.

We did Peter Pan's flight (very fun and the worker guy gave our whole family these cool Honorary Disneyland Citizen badges, which the boys sported with pride), we walked over by Thunder Mountain Railroad and found a petting zoo, as well as Woody and Jesse coloring pictures (Ewan was so happy about that!), Cole and I rode Thunder Mountain then met the others at Pirate Island (used to be Tom Sawyer island).

That was our great day. Thanks so much to Tim for coming with us. It means a lot to me (not bearing the full load), but even more to the boys (more important than a day at work). You'll see at the end of the photos, that the best part of this day came at the very end...

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sara said...

something about worn out sleeping children is such a happiness!!!!