Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Price of Friendship

Susan gave me a Ziploc bag full of goo and a piece of paper. How nice of her. Amish Friendship Bread. "Is it really a FRIENDLY thing to do?" I asked myself. The commitment alone is a lot to ask, but I did as the paper told me and "mushed" the bag for 10 days, adding ingredients as instructed. The payoff? These unbelievably delicious, cinnamon-sugary heaps of heaven, that's what. And what did I do to return the favor? Took them to my Activity Committee meeting last night (with the 4 Ziplocs full of goo and papers in hand). The deal was, if you take a yummy muffin, you are obligated to take a bag of goo and a paper. I came home empty handed. Ha! Friendly aren't I? Thanks Sue.


Melis said...

I've done the friendship bread before and asked the same question you did. It really is good stuff. Glad you got to try it too.

sara said...

so weird!!!! one of my good friends just gave me these same bags of goo and and i thought "what the"....well the final product is a complete delight and sensation to my stomach and tastebuds!!!!!!

sara said...

p.s. how long did you cook them as muffins? and at what degrees?