Monday, May 19, 2008

Save A Opossum

Saturday was save a opossum day. Not really. It just so happened, at six a.m., Duke alerted me of a visitor in our back yard. It was a baby opossum and it was not playing opossum. It was just moving a bit and I thought, "Maybe it will go away if we leave it alone, or it's mommy opossum with come and put it back in her cozy pouch." So, Duke and I went on a long walk at the beach, leisurly hit a few garage sales and came back home to find...the baby opossum still there. It had curled up in a little ball and was still alive. Ugh. What to do? I filled a shallow lid with some water and gave it to him. He was very thirsty. Then, I looked online and found the Southbay Wildlife Rehabilitation phone number and called them. They called back and gave me the numbers for the O.S.U.S. (Opossum Society of the United States) Can you believe there is a Opossum Society? Shocking. I called the number and got a hold of Toni, who asked me some questions then came over, carrying a cat crate with some nice comfy material inside. We went outside and showed her our new little pet and she picked him up with her hands (bare hands) and checked him out. He had been bit by something and needed some care. She took him home. As I proudly watched her pull her car away from the curb, I notice her license plate says: possm(heart)r. Ha. Opossum lover.


Kasey said...

Awww... What a cute little guy! I think you're pretty great for taking the time to find him some help. Not many people would do that.

Lori said...

Who would have guessed there was an Opossum Society of the U.S.?! That is quite amazing. Way to do your part and save the little guy!