Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cookie Company

Deep breath in, deep breath out. For one week I have company. I'm in the thick of it right now. They came last Thursday and leave on Friday of this week. Three extra people to feed and entertain for one full week. I'm not good at this. I'm not good at company. I'm not good at people in my space for long amounts of time. I'm neurotic, as most of you know, and this is something that is so hard for me. Let me say that all three of them are helpful and understanding of my space and try really hard to make it pleasant and easy. I think what is most difficult for me, is that I lead a very fast paced life and throwing three old gramma's and papa's in the mix is like when you put the flour in the cookie dough and the mixer has to try really hard to keep it's speed. I am mixer. They are all-purpose flour. Be aware...I need them in my dough. Without them, I would be the yucky egg/sugar/vanilla/butter mush that doesn't taste all that delish. I need them in my life, but I really have to try hard to keep my speed. I know what your are thinking. "Turn it down, Karalea. Turn down the speed. Incorporate that flour a little slower into your dough." Well, mixers don't have an automatic turn down speed. Someone has to help turn it down...that someone is Tim. Tim is at work. So, I'm on my own...mixin' it up at medium-high speed, trying to get the flour incorporated. That's me right now...happy to be making cookies!


Kasey said...

Great analogy! I think we all LOVE the cookies, but making them sure can be trying sometimes! I'm no good at company either... I enjoy having my own little bubble. Hang in there!

sara said...

i bet they love being there though...a fast paced life can be so fun to observe or be thrown into with someone in the lead!