Monday, October 13, 2008

A Woodsy Weekend

Tim and I have decided that with three boys, we should be doing some camping! It is a relatively cheap vacation and California has some beautiful scenery to serve as our backdrop. Our first official family camping trip was last weekend, with our good friends, the Calls. We went to Big Sur, CA. Big Sur is about 7 hours north of LA, just south of Carmel and about 2 hours south of San Francisco. It is gorgeous and well worth the drive. Here are some of my favorite pics of our trip.

Day one of Richards/Calls camping excursion, 1) All packed up, 2) We made it! 3) Posing for the pic, 4) Sleeping arrangements.

Day two: 1) Tubing down the Big Sur River by our camp (Cole is the only one insane enough to do it, 2) Driftwood fort at the beach we found on a hike in Andrew Molera State Park, 3) Fly a kite on the beach in Andrew Molera State Park, 4567) Beautiful beach scenery, a quick sandwich during the hike and a pretty flower, 8) The hike in Andrew Molera with a monkey on my back and a hop, skip and jump across the river!

A few of my favorite things, 1) California Redwoods...I love these giant trees. I can't wait to camp the Redwood Forest, it's on my To Do list, 2) Our campground had a basketball hoops with plenty of balls to play with....pure heaven, 3) Kids playground in Big Sur campground...ahhh, 4) Running water, enough said.

It was wonderful. Kudos to myself for meal planning, shopping and packing all the crap that it takes to go on a trip of this sort. Kudos to Tim for installing the hitch and hitch-haul, making me a To Do list and driving both there and back. Kudos to Thane for master fire building. Kudos to Cia for being "game" to do this sort of crazy thing. Kudos to our 6 kids for being so well behaved and obedient. Kudos to Big Sur for having and maintaining such an amazing place for people to come and visit. And finally, kudos to our Heavenly Father for making our earth such a beautiful place to live and enjoy.


TM CLAN said...

Oh, sounds so fun. We haven't been camping for over a year! Unless you count living at the in-laws. ;)

Melis said...

Camping is so much fun! But that is a LONG way to drive just to camp! Kudos to you all for surviving :)

sara said...

it's so beautiful...glad you had such a great all the pics!

Kasey said...

Gorgeous pics! I'm not much of a camper... Haven't been in years. But those pics really make me want to give it another try!

Karina said...

Those pictures of the red woods and the beach make me miss Carmel bad. I'm glad you had such a great trip!