Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thankful Number 13

I am thankful for big brothers. I grew up with a big brother, who loved, tortured and stood up for me. I got to see him on my AZ trip and stay at his house and cook him a birthday dinner (sibling servitude! Ha!) He is a great person, soooo funny, and a wonderful father. I love him so much. Other big brothers in my world: My sweet husband was, and still is, a great big brother to his two younger brothers. And now I have a few really fantastic big brothers residing under my roof. First there is Quin, who is a great big brother for Cole and Ewan. Cole also has the opportunity to be an amazing big brother to little Ewan. (Ewan seems to "big brother" the dog). Kudos to great big brothers, may you always have the strength and energy to lovingly annoy and antagonize your younger siblings.


Nicki said...

I'm really enjoying all your thankfuls. Seeing pictures of Cabrena and your family brings back some good memories. Thanks!

TM CLAN said...

Kudos to your blog entry. I never had an older brother, but am married to one and have another one that protects and is endearing to his younger brother. It is amazing to watch them.