Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thankful Number 15

Help. Today, I am thankful for help.

Saturday is such an interesting day. It can be a day of play, when my family decides to take the whole day off of responsibilities or it can be a day of preparation for Sunday and the week to come, or it can be a day of work. Hopefully it morphs into a combination of all of those options.

Yesterday was no exception. I went "sailing" in the morning ("garage sailing"). But I had a little helper. Ewan decided that he needed to help me spot the good ones. (He was right, I ended up with some great finds! Pyrex glass pie dish -Thanksgiving, yippee!-, a set of five vintage trivets shaped like little owls, and a brand new mens pajama set that will be perfect for Christmas...thanks Ewan).

We came back after an hour and started on the garage. Tim had a show, up in Hollywood, the night before and didn't get home till the early hours of the morning, but he dragged himself from the bed and came out to help me.

We had two chores that needed tending to; yard and garage. As I started on the garage, I heard my neighbor's yard guys firing up the leaf blowers and I thought..."hmmm, I could use some help in the garage, and if I get Tim some help with the yard, then I'll have his help with the garage." So Tim went over and wooed the man in espanol, convincing him to do our yard for a minimal fee. Then he came and helped me. Yippee again!

We went through almost all the bins and boxes, labeled each bin, threw away a pile of stuff, assembled file boxes, started compiling our 72 hour kits, took inventory of food storage, compiled a donation pile, and discovered a few hidden treasures. Here are a few pics:

After all day in that garage, we were able to get out for a date. My good friend Melissa threw a small soiree and I was able to help her by baking a cheesecake (did that during my lunch break from garage work) for the event. It turned out well.
We were also helped by Peggy's daughter Cierra, who, at the last minute, was able to babysit for us after our scheduled sitter canceled. So, that's it, today, I am thankful for help.

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TM CLAN said...

Great job in the garage! My husband helped yesterday too on our garage. And oh, I loved, loved, loved the cheesecake.