Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Positive Report

Positive report for the whole Christmas "thing." Christmas eve we went to Ruby's diner and ice skating up in Palos Verdes with our good friends, the Kirts. Did some last minute shopping and then it was time for white bean turkey chili and chocolate chip cookie baking for the big guy. Off to bed for a fitful sleep, before awaking to presents galore, excited little boys, funny dog and sleepy eyed parents.

Christmas dinner was an Argentine dish called "Matambre," which I believe means "to kill the hunger." Flank steak that is butterflied and filled with blanched carrots, fresh spinach, provolone, Italian sausage and roasted red peppers...then roasted and sliced. Ta Da! It was really great.

I goofed and didn't capture EVERY handmade gift that I made and gave this year. Here is ONE that I made for my sweetie. I knit him this ribbed beanie in dark brown Blue Sky cotton yarn. I wrote a little poem to go with it.

Dear hat keep him warm.
Keep him safe in the storm.
He is my tap & drum.
He is my peek-y bum.

Dear hat keep him sweet.
Keep him “vested” complete.
He’s my owl late at night.
He’s my snuggle up tight.

Dear hat keep him strong.
Keep from working too long.
He’s my bathroom serenade.
He’s my new nickname made.

Dear hat keep him strange.
Keep him wonderfully deranged.
He’s my dance on the bed.
He’s the odd voice in my head.

Dear hat keep him smelly.
Keep him cologne, mouthwash, gel-y.
He’s my water un-plain.
He’s my gummy insane.

Dear hat keep him thinking.
Keep him big feet so stinking.
He’s my facial hair change.
He’s my laundry to hang.

Dear hat keep him moving.
Keep him musically grooving.
He’s my leg always shaking.
He’s my low-cut sock taking.

Dear hat keep him real.
Keep him where I can feel.
He’s my lover and friend.
He’s my beginning, my end.

Dear hat keep him warm.

I hope that your Christmas was wonderful. I hope that sentiment won over commercialism and I hope that you are revving up for a great year in 2009.


TM CLAN said...

Can't wait to get back to the fog. We spent the last 5 days in Arizona. Your poem touched my heart and I enjoyed feeling your love for Tim. Hello 2009, hello new consciousness.

DeAnn McWhorter said...

So cute and clever! I am jealous of where you live!!!!!!!!

Karina said...

You always had a way with words--remember the "SUCK" jar? I love that thing! Happy New Year!

The Lundell's said...

That was darling! When are you going to take over for Martha Stewart??