Saturday, January 17, 2009


What have I been up to? Time for some pics after a few pic-less posts.

Finding a great old piece of Thomasville furniture from 1965 at the thrift store, to refinish and use as a TV stand/storage center. Most of the work is by Tim (bless him), but I am his muse.

Finding time to run every day. Signed up for the "Mud Run" at Camp Pendleton. It is a 10k. Tim signed up too. Along with 4 other couples in our ward. Tim's designing shirts for us. We are thinking "Dirty Saint" or "Mud Therapy" or "Camp Pendleton Day Spa...Mud Mask, Please" or "Don't tell the kids!" Wish us luck! Will post pics (June 6th is the day of event). This is Ewan and I down by the beach. We have a great running/biking trail at the edge of the sand and it is marked for mileage. We did a good 45 minutes that day! Ewan is a great bike rider. No training wheels for this four year old!

Today we went and saw a screening for Inkheart in LA. We went to the Majestic Crest Theater in Westwood. I subscribe to "Kids Off The Couch" here in LA and from time to time they have these great movie screenings. It is totally free (you buy the popcorn) and the theater is really fantastic and old. We had such a great time today. Thanks KOTC!

So that's me. I have been having a great time. Getting things in line for a great year. Trying to do things that are fun and healthy and economical. What have you been up to? I'd love to hear about it.


TM CLAN said...

I've been designing websites and checking my blog which is either in a recession or drought I haven't yet determined. I got excited when I saw you posted.

Sarah Bowman said...

We are the Kids Off the Couch girls and are glad you had a good time at yesterday's Inkheart screening. Thanks for posting!

Karina said...

I couldn't not look-- you're right--it was painful!!! Happy sun!