Tuesday, January 1, 2008

All things 'K'

New Year's Day and time to start things that have needed "starting." Like blogging, again. I must say, that reading through great blogs have been inspiring, amusing and, to be honest, time consuming...but oh-so-worthwhile. So on this day I begin, what will hopefully become a lucrative and enjoyable past time.

The title for today, "All things 'K.'" Let me explain. After 25 years of not really liking my name, I have finally come to the realization that it's just fine. In fact, to embrace it, I have started branding things I make and love with the big, fat "K." I am officially owning it. So when you see things that I have labeled with the "K," that may or may not start with the "K," understand that I am taking artistic license. Your kindness appreciated and may good karma find you.

My first picture...a little Christmas knitting that I did for dear friends. Thanks to belladia for the pom pom tutorial...so helpful.

A great way to display all the wonderful Christmas cards we got this year. Kitchen twine, thumb tacks, and good old-fashioned clothespins.

Today's nutritious lunch. Turkey burger (with fresh cilantro, sun-dried tomatoes and red onion), ketchup, mustard, organic whole wheat bun, veggies and Tillamook cheddar. So wonderfully delish.

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sara said...

love that i saw you in Encinitas...so random...glad you are doing so well...love the scarf, I will be checking out your blog often...i love your inspiring creativity!