Saturday, January 12, 2008

Great Expectations

You must be expecting great things from me. Fabulous lunches, exciting excursions and finished projects. Not so much. For the first week back to school (read: the first full week of sanity), Quin got sick. Not just clear snot streaming down face sick, but green muck, hacking cough, not sleeping a wink for days sick. I took him to the doctor (caring, skinny, Asian man-Dr. Nyugen) and here is what I came back with:

$84.96 in medicines. Ugh. But you know was so worth the good nights sleep we all got last night!

As for lunches...chicken noodle soup (from the can). Excursions to the pharmacy. And projects? I actually did get some knitting done. Will post later today or tomorrow. Ewan was such a great companion for Quin this week. He has such compassion for sick/hurt/sad people. He just keeps saying, "Poor baby." So cute and sweet, I just love that kid.

Quin's days have been spent with pillows and cartoons and a compassionate little brother.

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Lori said...

That looks like the stash I came back with last week when I took Kyle and Kelsey! And yes, so worth it when you get a good night's sleep again!!! Glad he's feeling better!