Friday, January 25, 2008

I have been a busy bee. I am volunteering in both boys classes, I am trying to run a little business (Baby K), I am coaching Cole's 1st grade boys basketball team, and I currently have three, count them THREE, callings in church. I serve on the Ward Activities Committee (which is fun and funny and weird and crazy all at once), I am the Visiting Teaching Coordinator (which is mostly number crunching, but I really want it to be more than that....inspiration and fire under the butt to do your VT), and the newest and most daunting is Cub Scout Den Leader. Went to my first Pinewood Derby last night. Thankfully, this job falls on Thursday nights, when I am already trekking to the church for some refreshingly exhausting basketball with the ladies. Scouting is going to be wicked sweet and the refreshment table (which last night consisted of microwave popcorn and Ritz crackers, ugh) will be amazing by the end of this whirlwind! As for the past couple of days....rain, rain, and more rain. Here is what I do when it rains:

Let me apologize for light quality in these photos, but you must know that it has been pouring rain here for the last few days and good light is hard to come by. As we have been socked by torrential downpours lately, I have been cozy under a big red blanket working my needles to death, and watching Tivo-ed Project Runway re-runs. I knit a wool bag and felted it and then three little girly hats (I don't usually make so many girl hats...mostly boys...I highly favor the boys colors and not so much the girly ones, but lately have had orders for girls by the dozens...what's the deal?)

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sara said...

cub scouts is an adventure in and of will be the best due to your creative talents...and the hats are girly but great girly colors...i love the felted purse/bag...i use my purse you made me all the time...its just so cute and unique