Friday, January 4, 2008

Sound Reasoning

Exhausted. Could it be because I stayed up late? Why was I up late?

1. Going up to Koreatown with Tim for Korean BBQ at Soot Bull Jeep (Translation: Wood Burning House).
-Koreatown is west of downtown LA.
-In Koreatown you officially leave California...wait, you leave the United States.
-I was slightly afraid for my life and would never go there without 6 foot 2 Tim with me.
-The parking is ridiculous, but there is a creepy hotel that offers valet!
(You just have to be deeply religious to use this service, because prayer is required to get your car back)
-The restaurant is poorly lit and scantily decorated
-The yummy food makes up for all previous complaints
-Imagine marinated, thin sliced meats
-Imagine spicy side dishes surrounding a burning hot grill in the middle of the table
-Imagine getting your own tongs to flip the meat with (power...power!)
-Imagine chopsticks and sticky rice, fresh veg and good laughs...ahhh.

2. Getting home and scrubbing the stank off of me from the smokey BBQ place in Crazyville (read: Koreatown LA)

3. Getting clothing started in the laundry so the smokey stank doesn't contaminate all other clothes in the hamper

4. Writing my restaurant critique in this handy little book that Susan gave me (I love that book, thank you Sue)
-Food is our common ground, a universal experience- James Beard

5. Writing in my journal...physically using a blue document my life and ideas and deepest, darkest secrets

So, now today, it is is gloomy and rainy outside and all day I have worked on Visiting Teaching assignments. Ahh! But I finished them and they are a great paper craft that will be appreciated. Please be forgiving when you see today's nutritious lunch (remember the "exhausted" thing, not to mention, it is the last day of having all three boys home ALL DAY LONG for Christmas holiday, how did I get ANYTHING done?) Happy Friday!

Ready for my date with Tim in Koreatown. A quick thanks to Cabrena for that necklace...I really like it. Cole snapped this picture of me as I was getting ready. He is pretty good at stuff like that.

Today's nutritious lunch. Healthy Choice Chicken and Rice soup with fresh cracked pepper. Gala apple and cheddar. One slice homemade whole wheat toast. Don't criticize,remember the exhaustion.

A little paper craft. Visiting Teaching assignment magnets. Took me all day to input the information, cut, hole punch, ribbon and slap a little magnet square on the backside. Thank you Coley for your help with that.


Erin said...

Hey Kara, I just discovered that you have a blog. I'm so excited to read it. Sounds like Koreatown was interesting. I don't think I would ever be brave enough to venture there.

Lori said...

Hi Karalea! I found your blog on Nikki's and it was fun to see what you're up to. I was just down in San Diego and was thinking about you and couldn't remeber where you had moved to. How are you liking it? I'm excited to keep in touch with you! (And your yummy foods inspire me to eat more yummy HEALTHY foods!!)

Nikki said...

those V.T. magnets are so cute! Great idea!!! I miss my days as being VT Coordinator :) Happily serving as ward missionary now :) You for sure can never go to Koreatown without Tim...waaay to shady! Love you girl!