Friday, March 21, 2008

Picnic Time

Seaside Elementary Read Across America Picnic with the boys. We noshed basil chicken salad on whole wheat, fruit salad and Tings (Cheetos without the guilt). It was warm and sunny and all was right with the world. Quin, Cole and Ewan posed so nicely for a quick pic and you can see the multitudes in the background. We sat on a grassy knoll and basked in the sun while munching. Ewan snatched some kid's Happy Meal box and fashioned himself a sweet hat. I think that he has a future in head gear design. What do you think? Or maybe just in modeling the fashions. Notice his hand placement and his crossed legs. He is a crack up and I love it! Never a dull moment. I, however, do not have a modeling career in my future. Unless they are looking for someone to make silly faces while eating yummy sandwiches. If that is the case, I'm their girl. Ha.

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sara said...

i love fun!