Friday, March 21, 2008


Friday night and I have a hot date with Mac. My dear sweet computer. Time to play catch-up. Three weeks ago I hopped on an airplane late Friday night and flew to AZ to watch my old man turn the ripe age of 60. I rented a Jeep Patriot (fine auto), drove to outer darkness (Queen Creek) where my brother has recently moved, and slept in a twin bed (Trinity's). I went on a GNO with Cabrena, my dearest friend, I went to church with Aunt Dani and Uncle John, I made carnitas and fresh salsa for my dad, I walked the aisles of Costco and Sportsman's Warehouse to appease my father for his big day. I had a wonderful dinner with my sweet mother-in-law, I unpacked John and Jeneane's kitchen, I watched TV with my brother and I got to see one of my favorite little girls in the universe. Here we are in pink matchey-matchey.

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sara said...

sounds like a busy but wonderful trip.