Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Handmade is the Best

My friend Kim's (formerly mentioned in the sugar cookie wedding cakes post) daughter, Danika is getting married! To a great guy. Lucky for me, I'm friend to Kim, who invited me to the shower (very nice of her). I helped out with the games (really cute "Pop Quiz" and recipe box with note cards for guests to jot down their favorite recipes for the newlywed). However, I found myself stuck with a dilemma: What to get Danika for her shower? Things needed for a happy marriage...hmmm. Apron and sexy undies will do! I made this adorable apron (some great Amy Butler fabric, chef style, a cute pocket and my signature embroidered "K") and bought some sexy black undies at Urban Outfitters! Let me know how you feel about about the apron...I just feel like handmade is the best!