Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Function: verb
Inflected Form(s):
purged; purg·ing

1a: to clear of guilt

2a: to cause evacuation from

b(1): to make free of something unwanted
(2): to free of sediment or relieve

c(1): to rid by a purge
(2): to get rid of

Two weekends ago we had a garage sale. Let me explain a bit. A realtor in our area sponsors a garage sale twice a year (once in the spring and once in the fall). You simply call a number and leave the message that you'd like to participate with your address and viola! He puts up signs the night before, brings donuts the morning of, prints out a handy map for "shoppers," and sends around a charity truck in the afternoon to pick up any leftover items that you want to magically disappear!

So....in our house, we not only have Spring cleaning, we also have a Fall cleaning! This consists of going through every room, cupboard and closet in the entire house and removing things that are barely used to sell in the garage sale. This practice also tends to create new projects for me to undertake. One such project that stemmed from this recent purge.

Claiming a space of my own! The playroom closet became my project. I went to the hardware store and bought lumber, had it cut, found the studs, drilled holes and then screws into wood to make these 'oh so handy' shelves.

Now my many crafting addictions have a home to call their own! From beautiful papers to soft knitting yarns, it is a dream to have it all in order. Need a good carpenter? Ha.

A quick trip to IKEA and an allen wrench and screwdriver later and I have my own space in the kids playroom. This room is right at the front of our house and has a beautiful window that lets in an easy breeze. It is a wonderful space to be creative and be with the kiddies too. The boys have their projects and I have mine! Perfect.

I am ready for the season. Ready to create beautiful gifts to send to all my nears and dears. Ready to be creative (as a very influential and respected man recently encouraged us to be! Thank you General RS Meeting and President Uchtdorf!) Ready. You?

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Lee Anne said...

Looks great Karalea! I can't wait to hear about your many projects. You alway's come up with something unique and thoughtful. Now just send a little bit of motivation my way will you.