Wednesday, October 1, 2008

One of Those...

It's been one of those days.

I have ice cream in my hair.
Not because I am trying to add volume.
Because it has been one of those days.

A rundown:

6:27am sore neck wake up...poo.
6:29am - 7:22am news and knits...nice.
7:24am text husband who is in SF to tell him not to call me (morning was starting to get crazy with kids waking -read: teeth needing brushed, butts wiped, breakfast fed, scriptures read, lunches packed, homework checked and dog taken care of-)
7:25am husband calls, ignoring direction not to...he's nice.
7:26am - 8:35am all that morning/kids stuff up there...whew.
8:40am - 10am return emails, bathe Ewan, bathe me, make lists.
10:02am - 12:22pm grocery shopping with Ewan...yes, it takes that long.
12:23pm - 1pm make lunch and eat...mmmm.
1pm - 1:25pm light nap...wish it was longer...smashing headache....3 Motrin & Diet.
1:26pm - 2:05pm weigh in a friend (I run a weight loss challenge), talk to mom, wake up Ewan, out the door to pick up kids...smashing headache.
2:06pm - 2:25pm waiting in uber-long line at school pick-up...bad crossing guard...smashing headache.
2:26pm - 2:34pm drop off ALL kids at play date (we had our turn last week at our place), talk with good friend, accept camping cookbooks with thanks and rush off to get errands finished without the three musketeers following behind....ahhh.
2:35pm - 3:59pm fro-yo (couldn't help it, it was on the route) and B&N (I wish it was all for the pleasure peruse) for scouts, book club and camping trip....smashing headache.
4:04pm - 5:50pm bathroom Cloroxing, friend phone counseling, rushing house pick up, dinner prep, homework help, kid fight refereeing...ugh.
5:51pm - 6:06pm pick up Sisters for dinner date at our place....yeah!
6:10pm - 7:23pm husband arrives home, grill meat and steam beans ((Asian grilled sirloin, fresh steamed green beans with kosher salt, light green salad, sticky white Calrose rice and a ginger float...mmmm), eat, husband leaves for soccer games, drive Sisters to church for appointment....ahhhhh....headache has abated.
7:24pm - 8:27pm clean up dinner mess, get kids ready to settle down, turn on movie, pick up house, turn down beds, turn up night lights, brush teeth, de-bra and breathe....wooooooo.

Now, the life of a SAHM seems like it should be all bon bons and bubble baths. I wish it were. Some days are....but most days are like this. And again, ice cream in my hair. It seems like it was inevitable as I look back at that day. I am officially exhausted. Good night.

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TM CLAN said...

I'm exhausted just reading it and totally get every moment. Tomorrow is better. G-night.