Sunday, November 23, 2008

21, 22, 23

21 I am thankful for my husband's job. He likes it. They appreciate him. Great benefits. Fun travel and fancy restaurants. Good projects. Good compensation. In a time when it seems all is uncertain, I am so thankful for my husband's job.

22 I am thankful for great movies. Movies that remove you from your own world and woes and transport you into their scenes. I am thankful for great movies. And great friends to enjoy them with.

23 I am thankful for children's voices. I love the honest questions posed each day. And humming little voices as they play in their rooms. Today, my little ones will sing in church. It always melts my heart to hear them sing out in voices loud and clear. I am thankful for their sweet voices, may they always bring forth kind words and sweet songs.

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TM CLAN said...

especially today...