Friday, November 28, 2008

27 & 28

27 I am thankful for my husband. I know that I already said this fact it was the first of my 30 (his birthday is the first), but let me reiterate how much I love and need him. He calms me down when I need calming, he checks my attitude when it needs to be checked, he absolutely loves and adores me, he is a great dad, he is the hardest working person I know, he tries...I love that one. He is sweet and romantic and affectionate and helpful and patient and kind. I am thankful for Tim...again.

28 I am thankful for delicious food. I know that some people just need food for fuel, but not me. I need food for visual appeal, olfactory satisfaction and palate pleasure. I love to make beautiful, delicious and interesting dishes that compliment each other and please the senses. I love to sit down to a beautiful meal and enjoy every bite. I am so thankful for wonderful food.

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