Tuesday, December 16, 2008

For Jenn

Jenn put in a request tonight, so disregard this post...unless you are desperate for a quick read....

This is a Cub Scout project that I had the cubs do for their moms. It is a VERY easy project, but I have found, in my year as the den leader, that the easier the better for this age of boys! Attention time is limited. We used yellow grosgrain ribbon, safety pins (found in the bead section at Joann's), and blue beads. The boys put the beads on the safety pin, cut the ribbon and pinned the beaded pin to fasten the "necklace" together. This will be used as a gift for each Cub Scout's mother, for a place to pin all those great awards we get as mothers when our cubs earn their badges. A few pics:

The boys also made a little gift box to put this in by cutting and Mod Podge-ing cool wrapping papers onto cute little boxes. They loved that...sticky and dirty.

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