Monday, December 15, 2008

It's Christmas!

Yeah! It is Christmas! I am so happy that it is cold and winter-y. I am so happy that there are Santa Claus's all over the place, lending their laps and "ho, ho, ho's" to us for the season. I am so happy that it is acceptable to make a baked goody every single day and nobody thinks you're an addict to sugar (did I just confess?!). I am so happy to send and receive adorable cards in the mail. I am so happy to attend multiple Christmas parties. I am so happy to get presents for those I love and to find boxes of unknown treasure on my doorstep (thank you my sweet UPS Santa). I hope that you are all just as happy as I am about this whole wonderful, sweet, holiday that is upon us! Yeah! It's Christmas!

My handmade wreath. Delicious spice drops, toothpicks, a floral wreath form, floral wire and satin ribbon. Ta Da!

See how Christmas-y it is! Can you see the decorated tree in the background? Ignore the sunshine, sunglasses, short sleeves and frozen yogurt in my hand. It is Christmas!

Ewan standing in line to visit with Santa in Manhattan Village Shopping Center. He was so excited and did smashingly, even posing for an adorable photo that I couldn't resist buying. iSanta. Ewan was mesmerized by this Santa in the Apple store window display. Can't blame him, it is pretty cool.

Chocolate Santa. Had to get one at Godiva. Hollow and smooth. He is my favorite Santa of all!

Our Police Department strolls Santa and his helpers through each street, playing Christmas carols and letting all the kids take a picture with Santa. He gave them a candy cane and told them to continue to be good. Cole and Ewan were in the bath (of course) and ran outside in towels as I chased them down with pajamas. By the time he got there they were dressed and waiting. I should get the "dressing-wet-kids-in pajamas-at-the-speed-of=light" award.

The first of many handmade goodies. These are my grandmother's orange cookies. They are my favorite and I only make them around Christmas time. The cookie is delicate and cakey, but not too sweet and the icing is flecked with orange zest and just melts in your mouth!

My sweet friend, Susan, is a makeup artist and graciously came over to "doll" me up for my husband's work Holiday party at the Glow Lounge in Marina del Rey. It was so nice of her and it made me feel like a million bucks! Who knew a little makeup could do such wonders?!

Tim and I got a sitter and spent an evening out. The Glow Lounge was beautiful, the food was delish and getting to be with my husband was wonderful. I got my bronze party dress at Shabby Apple and that amazing sweater at Anthropologie.


TM CLAN said...

I just love all the pictures in this post as well as the clever writing. What a joy it is to know you! I still can't figure how you can bake so often and still look as good as you do!! What's your secret? Merry Christmas.

DeAnn McWhorter said...

Mmmm I love those cookies. I still have the recipe. I miss you! Loved your Christmas card! You look great!