Thursday, December 4, 2008

Highly Recommended

I recently was part of a swap. Let me explain. I frequent some fantastic crafting blogs and found out about a "swap" called "back tack." You sign up, promise you will do it and do it well, they assign you a partner, you create wonderful things to send to them (and they to you), you mail it by the deadline, you post pictures of it on Flickr. That's it. The theme for this swap was Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. It was so much fun and I really lucked out getting an unbelievable partner. Here is what I made to send her way:
For the Gold gift, I made a memory board with vintage gold buttons and sparkly gold handmade cards.
For the Frankincense gift I made Alfajores de Dulce de Leche (the most delicious cookie ever invented...think shortbread with caramel center...mmmm) and packaged them in a vintage tin.
For the Myrrh gift I hand knit and felted a bowl and make three ornaments (one for each member of her family). I sincerely hope she liked it!

She did me a great service and I received the most wonderful package on my doorstep as well. In fact, I think that I will go to bed now and write a small blurb in the moleskin journal (that is gently surrounded by felt o-so-delicately), as I sip a warm cup of spicy hot cocoa, followed by a much needed rest for my tired eyes; under a wonderfully pampering eye pillow. All these luxuries made possible by the wonderful back tack swap and my generous partner (I didn't even mention the two skeins of yarn, handmade ornament AND felted stone). Thank you Cate! Life is great!

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Karina said...

I haven't had time to look at any blog's for the last month it seems and so today I have taken time out to catch up with everyone. It was like a present to read your crafty blog. I wish you were close so that we could craft and especially knit together. I just made the most fun little girl hat. I almost don't want to sell it. I love your crocheted cap with the flowers!! OOOh how cute! Oh, and the board with the hand made cards. I just can't stand how cute it all is!!! Way to Go!!!