Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sugar Rush

Prepare for a sugar rush. I promised more pics of homemade treats from this Christmas season and here is the first installment. This lot of pics is mostly goodies (with the exception of the Advent), but next time I will post some great handmade products. I have two days to finish crafting and I am both excited and feeling the pressure of time constraint. It's all going to be grand, of course! No stress!

This little make-shift clothesline was our Advent calendar this year. I simply took a length of turquoise satin ribbon and strung it on my sweet 50's "slat window" that separates the front room from the kitchen/tv room. I used safety pins to secure different little containers for the goodies and I printed numbers on turquoise cardstock. After the Christmas cards started pouring in (thanks so much to all who sent them, they're wonderful...ours are coming...had to send it two batches...envelope shortage) I simply pulled out the handy dandy clothespins and secured the cards on our line. Viola!

It's all about the packaging! Well....not really, I do like to open a pretty package to find something delectable inside, but I also REALLY appreciate some good packaging. I snagged the tins at Michael's and Big Lots. I picked up the red boxes at Walmart (of all places) in the craft section. It is a Martha product and I think they were so perfect, with their little compartments and polka-dot tissue paper. Thank you Martha, thank you.

Spiced Mango Chutney and Cumin Buttermilk Crackers to be sent to my diabetic daddy!

Time for candy! Pull out your trusty thermometer and watch it carefully!

Aunt Dani's hard tack candy. This year I let the boys choose the flavors. We got bubble gum, root beer, peppermint, orange creme, lemon and strawberry. Delicious!

Hard and salty sweet golden caramel chews. These are to die for!

Classic sugar cookies with cream cheese frosting and festive sprinkles (for Cole's class).

Iced gingerbread snowmen (again for Cole's class).

The French Yule log, Buche de Noel. White sponge cake with chocolate buttercream frosting. Isn't it grand. It turned out so well. This was also for Cole's class, they did a Christmas around the world and I volunteered to do most of the baking.

Merry Christmas to everyone, bless you and your families with good health and homemade goodies. Cheers!


TM CLAN said...

Everything is so wonderful! And your legs must be aching. I am blessed to know you this season and to get some of your amazing goodies. Merry Christmas!! We love you.

Susan said...

Oh my goodness...you baked a yule log!!!!! How will you ever top that?! :) Amazing as always, Karalea. Miss and love you.

sara said...

your treats are beautiful...i too am a sucker for good packaging! and the yule log...well..i am speechless!